Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Next scheduled event - SC Half October 4

Have to admit it - I am bit nervous about the Half IronMan in two weeks. The training for all the other races have complemented one another by allowing me to get my runs, swims, rides, etc. in appropriately....but as Coach Steve has told us - you might be able to "fake" your way through a sprint, and "make" your way through an Olympic...but a Half - if not properly trained will make you go cryin to your momma....

I've gotten all the components down and covered the distances - but the training has not been as consistent as one would like. So - it's gonna probably hurt.

There - I've said it. And no - I don't necessarily feel any better about it - but I'm gonna do my best to get over this cold that is trying to creep in and get all the rest of my taper training in this next week...and be as prepared, mentally and physically as I can.

What I am afraid of or in fear of right now is sooooo incredibly minor compared to what LLS patients and their families go through each and every day - knowing that through your support we've raised $16K and will make the $40K or more...and help bring light to their lives. ...

Bring it on - just bring it on next weekend :-)

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Caren said...

Wow, you are just amazing. I am becoming a Team In Training fanatic myself. I'm training for my 5th TNT full marathon, PF Chang's in Phoenix in January. But you are an inspiration. Wow, good luck and good job for LLS.