Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bad month for racing, great month for fundraising

So as promised, July has been a difficult month in terms of races, however, through your generous support and with pending matching gifts we are over $12,000. $12,000! That is truly amazing. As noted, I have secured Karhu ( as a supporter and through the amazingly generous support of a fellow TnT'er who transferred nearly $1,800 dollars from her fundraising efforts for another TnT event she was unfortunately unable to complete, we have exceeded $12,000. Absolutely amazing and incredibly generous of all of you.

Thank you all. Also - I have recently downloaded Skype, for those of you on Skype (it's free and an easy way to chat, I will be available for chats. emails, etc on there from time to time....we're sean.n.sheila.mullen..I still don't know what you need to communicate in specific terms, but it should be fun.

Thank you all....Let's race!

Friday, July 17, 2009

My most recent sponsor and supporter - Karhu

I am proud to announce that Karhu ( has officially become a supporter and sponsor of the 40 in 40 Challenge and I am a member of "The Karhu Explorer Challenge". An explorer embodies the spirit of Karhu and promotes it world wide as not only a supporter of runners worldwide but of all athletes from all disciplines and endeavors.

Do You Karhu?


Running in silence

With a challenging week at work, training has been local and from home base - literally...runs from home versus going to the gym, rides on the trainer...and a few laps in the tub - ok maybe not the last one. But I did get to experience something I hadn't in a long while.

at 4:45 AM I got up to run - as I had an 8 AM meeting and could NOT be late (run an hour, cool down, stretch do some core work and light lifting) and then get cleaned up = about 90 minutes as it takes me FOREVER to get my hair right so I had to account for that. So out the door I go. I decided that despite my puppy dog's insistence (she lollygags - and every sign post, firehydrant and mailbox in the neighborhood "knows" her), I needed to run alone this morning.

No iPod, no headphones, no, the street and Anu (Gaelic), Gaia (Greek), Kali Ma(Hindu), or Mother Nature...however you choose to name her...

It was spectacular. As I ran, the day awoke around me. Birds chirping, peepers (frogs) up and about, beavers off to knock down trees for their dams or just to knock them down because they have big honking teeth and can do that, deer in the open areas in my neighborhood looking at me like "you don't see me, i don't see you - we're good". As I ran - I witnessed the day awakening before me. Houses came alive as folks got up for their own daily routine, the flowers began to open as the sun began to rise, the birds awoke and started their songs, the deer were out and about - and none too happy to see me plodding by them, the lake was still but there were gentle waves lapping up to the shore, either from the wind or early morning fisherman (ahem) fisher people out trying to ply the fish from the lake...i didn't see or hear that M-80 go off I swear...

Reminded me of days many (many squared) years ago when I would run in VT, WAAAAY long ago before music devices became so compact that one could carry them everywhere they went with thousand of songs at their fingertips - or the random draw the iPod chose - when one could experience the splendor around them, undisturbed by anything...

shoes hitting the pavement, breathing in rhythm with the pace, eyes and ears open to the world around you.

I had one of the best runs I had experienced in a long time. I know many are die hard "must run with music" folks...and I am one - especially indoors on a treadmill - but try it. One day, early morning or midday, late afternoon or early evening...hell - in the middle of the night - just wear reflective apparel please...

One day or night - leave the iPod or whatever MP3 player you have at home - let it rest and charge for the next run or workout. When you do - listen, look...the world is an amazing place even if it is right outside your front door, down the street and around the bend.

This is true at the gym too...I mean - come on - there are hundreds of folks working out around you - for their own reason...weight loss, training for an event....a life changing chapter has begun...or they are just there because - everyone has their reasons - hearing about it even surreptitiously - makes the world and potentially everybody's life fuller...and funnier - some of the crap people say and do at the gym is just downright hilarious.

Enjoy the day - and get out and run or walk or ride or Tri. Allow the world to give you experiences versus trying to own it...that is a hefty bill to pay and experiencing it is a hell of a lot more fun. Besides - watching a deer pretend not to notice you, or a bird, squirrel, rabbit or whatever - as the sun rises or sets, or the moon crests over your head and the world evolves with time helps one realize how simple and wonderful the world around us is.

Run, Ride, Tri and Train well my friends.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A few days off and a brief respite from racing

Hard to believe Kure Beach was almost two weeks ago! I took some much needed time off to spend time with Sheila - we went to Yadkin Valley for the fourth - more to get away and relax than anything. Got in a 5 mile hike - which was much more strenuous than it initially appeared - up and over Stone Mountain. I think the most strenuous part was climbing the 200 +/- stairs on the back side of the hike up and over the waterfall.. I don't care what level of shape you're in - stairs just suck. Also got to visit a couple of really nice wineries (Raffaldini and Shelton Vineyards) and had a great meal at Shelton (Harvest Grill)

So - got back into training mode this week - with work, had to move training times up to 5AM - and races will be few and far between this month, but I am looking at a few. Possibly one tomorrow AM, if I think I can swing it and get into work "on time".

So we're at 12 races - but - am quickly approaching $11K in donations. With matching gifts and a couple checks I just received - we'll be OVER $11K! How awesome is that?

Thank you all for your support. Off to watch the Tour and see how "the big boys" ride their trikes...they're insane..they average close to 30 MPH over 120+ miles - with massive climbs. well, OK they're not going 30 up the Pyrenees or the Alps - but still...