Friday, January 23, 2009

Time delay - of sorts

Well this whole work thing really can put a damper on blogging and training - but rest assured, I have reached my 1st milestone / benchmark on time and continue to train. After a 36 hour "day" at work last week, I had to alter some training plans - but still - I am on track and as days get warmer and races get closer - I am getting more and more excited about this challenge.

Big races this year will include the Burlington, VT Marathon (relay), the Tahoe Century Ride, Nation's Olympic Tri (in DC) and Kiawah Half or Full Marathon - yet to be determined. I define "big" differently than some I guess. The first race is scheduled for early April - a 1/2 marathon - and I'll build from there for the next series through April and May which will include 5K's, 10K's (if I can find them) and some sprint Tri's.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Recommended sites - for fun and info

The reason - hint - search for 28120 (zip code)

The BEST Triathlon and Multi Sports store in the area!

For the shoes I run in - and no - I am not a beginner - but if you find something that works - you go with it!

The bikes I ride - these bikes make riding as easy as walking - DOWNHILL!