Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Congratulations to all TnT Folks this past weekend

Two events in two cities or one city, one town....two triathlons two different distances....18 athletes

7 in Washington DC - Nation's Tri

11 in Willimasburg, VA - Patriots Half Ironman

Great job to my fellow Nation's tri folks, Marty, Maggie, Wendy, Juliene, Pam and Bekky...we endured the Potomac - we willingly and legally swam in that river - ick...dealt with the fact there was no way in hell we could not draft or block or anything given the 4300 folks on the course, avoided the water bottle "lawn sale" under that overpass created by the potholes and bumps in the road - although I contributed a gel flask...got out there and ran that pancake flat 10K on Haynes Point - along with our nearly 600 other TnT'ers! You guys rocked the course.

Equally impressive job by the TnT folks in VA.

Great Job Coaches Steve, Jenny and Kevin and TnT alum John, Greg, Wayne, Cara, Lindsey, and Shelly - and first timer - Tal....who I suspect had the quote of the day regarding his swim..."No I am not getting out of this water, I am swimming to cure blood cancer" - and fellow TnT sympathizers Marcus and Matt Crow... looked up your times all of you - damn impressive.

Also - of course a great big huge never ending thank you goes out to our coaches who kept after us during the training and kept with us through the race. Wouldn't have dared toed the line without you and never would have crossed the finish. Our unsung heroes - folks we often forget to thank - usually because we are cursing them for making us do a brick after riding 30 - 40 - 50 miles....or another swim drill....kick on side, single switch, triple switch, shark fin....arrrggghhh

I don't know the final tally from the Patriots Half and funds raised but in DC by the Western NC teams but over $2.4 million was raised by all 585 TnT athletes competing in the DC event.

Go TEAM!!!

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