Wednesday, December 24, 2008

winter training - in VT

As previously mentioned, holidays could be a challenge. Well here I am in Vermont loving the holidays and spending time with my family...but near zero temps have required all indoor training these past few days. A welcome relief in a way, treadmills, stationary bikes and weights to offset the accumulation of food and avoid the 3+ foot accumulation of snow! X-mas day will need an outdoor run which as a somewhat one time event running in snow kind of fun albeit twisted. Looking forward to what I will accomplish with friends, family, teammates and for LLS makes it more than worthwhile.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Race info

This was buried in a comment I posted - wanted to get it on the front page

So - being new to blogging, I realized that I cannot post a file to the blog. What I can do however, is list the types and categories of races I am planning and SOME of the races here Listing all may be a bit overwhelming - for me and for you (whoever is reading this - please post something if you do - so I know you're out there).


5K - 10
10K 10
Half Marathon - 2 (or 3)
Full Marathon 2


Metric Century - 3 (or 4)
Century - 2
Multi-day Ride - 1


Sprint - 5
Olympic - 4
Half Iron - 1

Other options include an Ultra marathon and a Full IronMan. These may fall out of the 12 month window due to logistics and training...but are on the radar.

Examples of races identified are as follows - please note this is not a complete list as not all local races have been published yet:

Elizabeth 5K
Ride for Sally's Y
Charlotte Duathlon
Racefest 10K / Half Marathon
Langley Pond Tri
Valle Crucis 25K
Clemson Sprint Tri
Key Bank Marathon (VT)
Tahoe Century Ride
Latta Sprint Tri (Sprint)
Bandits Challenge Tri (Olympic)
Lake Norman Tri (Sprint)
Nations Tri (Olympic - Washington DC)
SC Half Iron
Hit the Brixx 5K
Dowd Half Marathon
Turkey Trot
Disney Full and Half Marathons
Frosty 5K
Elam N8 Cancer 5K
Haymed Sprint Tri

training goals

So I was mapping out some of the training I need to get in. My first benchmark will be in mid January. I will be up to doing 12 mile runs, at least 1 mile swims, and 25 - 30 mile bike rides. I am on track to get there... But this work thing makes it challenging. Fun, but challenging. That and the holidays of course.

Happy holidays!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The complete list of potential races

They will be posted by Monday, December 15, 2008. If I don't know what I have planned, good lord, someone help me. Key races, such as the "anchor" races (Marathons, Half Ironman [or Ironman 70.3], Century and Metric Century Rides) and key Team in Training (TnT) races (Nations Tri, Disney Marathon and Half Marathon, Tahoe Century are almost certain) are "set in stone". Whether that stone is granite or sandstone...I will know this weekend.

Join me in a race with TnT. Support the mission. You know you want to.

Don't want to run, TRI or bike - you can help

I will be establishing a dedicated website to allow for donations and words of encouragement. Words of encouragement will clearly be welcome here as well. More to come soon.

Getting started

So - when I completed my last Triathlon this season - in September 2008, I decided it was time to do something bigger than my own challenge and do something for the greater good. So I decided to challenge myself and those who would join me to complete 40 races during the 40th year of my life, starting May 5th 2009. Even if no one joins me in any of these races, I will do this. These 40 races would be comprised of running events such as, 5K's, 10K's, Half Marathons and Full Marathons - possibly an Ultra Marathon. Also, Triathlons, from Sprint, to Olympic, to Half Ironman (or Ironman 70.3) and possibly a Full Ironman. Tack on to this list, Metric Century rides(62 miles), Century Rides (100 miles) and possibly Multi-day rides. It will be a challenge - but I am doing this for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)- Looking to raise at least $40,000, introduce 400 new members to the Team In Training Team with LLS - and more importantly - raise awareness of the LLS Mission and honor 40 honor patients. People who are currently battling blood related diseases - and remembering those who have succumbed to them.

Care to join me for a race or two?