Saturday, September 19, 2009

Event #22 Cane Creek Sprint Tri Saturday September 19, 8AM

One word - DELUSIONAL: a fixed belief that is either false, fanciful, or derived from deception. as in - I was delusional thinking I had an awesome swim - and denial now....I DID NOT SWIM THAT SLOWLY...

Seriously - I swear I had an awesome swim today. but according to the powers that be in my race chip, their mats was something like 2+ minutes slower than my past races. BAH! no way...ok - maybe, but i want a recount...great googely moogely...that's not right.

anywho - the TrySports Development series - a series of races geared towards first timers - allows racers to EASE into the sport of Tri by starting at 8 AM vs oh my god early AM... and Cane Creek last year was where I started hatching the idea of the 40 in 40....

early into transition, down to the water and in and off we go - a GREAT SWIM...well - so I thought and up to T1 - swim to bike.

Of course I managed to fidget around in T1 - but got on the bike and got going. good course with some rollers upfront - and then flat and more downhill-ish on the back...kinda like a mullet - business up front, party in the back...

Word to the wise - on the bike - clif bars, no matter how small and delectable - are REALLY hard to eat, wash down and ingest...they are dense little buggers - that I have eaten before on the bike - but especially the "chocolate brownie" variety - egads...

had a good ride and as I was riding along - this 13 year old boy was really hammering and keeping up. i told him so - he was a REALLY strong rider - we'll be seeing him again someday. seriously - that good - he kept up with me going 20 MPH uphill...

T2 - bike to run - quick switch and out we back - again was tight - so it started out slowly, but with a double loop for a 5K - and knowing the course - I knew it would loosen up - which it did around mile 1.

During the day - I saw fellow TnT Alums, Ruben, Lex, Holly and Jen....they all did awesome. And as always - I met a lot of very cool, awesome folks - all just down to earth, friendly and supportive. Try Sports and Setup Events - as always - did an awesome job and I would recommend this course to anyone. Especially if they're looking to have an AWESOME swim...ha ha

Regardless of what my time was - it was a great day for a race - and a lot of fun as always. And of course - another race down in the 40 in 40...22 down - 18 to go.

Got a few miles in (running) after the race - as SC Half is in a couple weeks and I needed the miles - and managed to really scuff up my shoes on the trails - but they still did me right and all the Karhu and Craft gear held up great.

Today's race is dedicated to Liza Bourg - Liza is Wayne Bourg's daughter. Wayne is a fellow TnT alum as well - who just rocked the course at Patriots Half IronMan last weekend. Liza is a great spirit and Wayne is an equally great man...who has accomplished much for his daughter and TnT. Liza was diagnosed with ALL several years ago and thanks to the work of the LLS and all TnT folks around the world, has been in improving health for the past year +. She also had an "extra" role in an American Girl movie. Despite what she has endured, she - when we had the pleasure of spending sometime with her - has such a glowing, powerful and amazing personality - such a great outlook and presence - it is infectious. I am proud to be able to help her and those like her who are battling blood cancers.

So - at the end of the day - total time 1:34:18
Swim - 19:38 (hmmmm)
Bike - 43:59
Run - 26:19

Go Team!

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