Saturday, September 26, 2009

Events #23 AND # 24...Hit the Brixx 10K and 5K, Saturday September 26

What started out as just event #23 - turned into a why the hell not...let's do two. On a drizzly dark morning heading in to the race, I knew I needed to get miles in as prep for next weekend's when asked - 10K, 5K or both, I immediately said BOTH...they run back to back, so all I had to do was finish the 10K in time.

Saw Kevin Collins at the race - Kevin is doing Florida IM - the big enchilada a FULL IronMan in a little over a month, raising $10K for the LLS. As part of his fundraising scheme - he set tiers to induce certain incentives...for instance - $5K - he will wear a mohawk leading up to and for the race, once he reached $7,500 - he would wear a running skirt, or "skort"...and not just any skort - his is a leopard print with purple seams down the sides...he was wearing that lovely number today - no mohawk yet - but the skort....and he's at $8,500+. When he hits $10K - he'll color his mohawk purple...can't wait to see pics of the skort, the purple mohawk...all of it. Kevin is alos a TnT coach and a fellow Bank of America associate. All around great guy who goes above and beyond. He'll also be doing Florida IM with John McLean and Greg Counts - fellow TnT Alums. Kevin's fundraising page - as he is still shy of the $10K can be found here - if you are so inclined to check it out and help Kevin along...

As always - I met a lot of great folks along the race and before. I had the honor to meet Scott Campbell. Scott's son Garrett passed away after being diagnosed with Infantile NCL, a fatal neurological disorder that took his life devastatingly in December 2007. Scott and his fellow "Team Garrett" member ran the 10K - some also ran both - and their big event to raise awareness and funds is next weekend, the "Take Flight Triathlon" here in Charlotte. More info can be found here

Scott and I shared a beer after the races (at 9:45 AM...yes ) and chatted a bit. He is a strong, friendly and wonderful individual who is doing so much to not only honor is son but also further work to help others who may be faced with the same devastating diagnosis. As he said, it is part of the healing process and it is remarkable what he has accomplished. I look forward to getting to know Scott and do what I can to support his mission in the coming years.

Also ran into Sarah Hereford - an auditor that we work with at BAC during earnings and the 10-Q process (coming up in a couple weeks - whoo freakin hoo).

So I ran with Kevin for the first mile plus and then he was doing run / walk - as per his training schedule and the fact that he just did a century ride (100 miles) yesterday. Madman. Then went off on my own.

Cool day - the drizzle had stopped - lots of runners on the course and some spectators. Good course - with some interesting hills...the fog shrouded the city so even when we were heading back in, it was difficult to make out the skyline. But all in all - perfect day for a race. Support and logistics were great - so hats off to the folks at Brixx, Run For Your Life and all the sponsors. Got asked about the Karhu shoes by a bunch of folks at the end (of both) and told them they were the easiest to transition into and thus far - some of the best shoes I had run in in a VERY long time...the craft hat, shorts, socks etc...worked perfectly too.

Did the 6.2 miles and geared up for the next 3.1. Also had a chance to talk to Theoden Janes, blogger for the Charlotte Observer, who crushed the course - as he said - "it's on like Donkey Kong" en route to doing the NYC Marathon in November.

Head out for the 5K and it's mostly the same course to begin with - a few new twists and turns and we're headed back in.

At the end of the day - I truly got out of the runs what I wanted to and needed to....better leg speed and maintained an even pace for both races. Right around 8's

Today's race - is dedicated to the memory and in honor of Scott's son Garrett. While he was not struck down by a blood cancer, I feel that in honoring him - the mission and memory that his father and family are honoring - it is appropriate. I am in awe of the human spirit to overcome such tragedy and do something absolutely wonderful with it. So - today's events are in memory of Garrett and in honor of Scott and what he is accomplishing. I wish him and his family all the best - and look forward to seeing him again.

10K 50:51
5K 25:31

Not my fastest for either - but still like I said - exactly what I wanted.

Next up - SC Half IronMan - and it's gonna hurt.


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