Friday, October 2, 2009

The Kindness of strangers

So I went to get a LOOOONG overdue massage tonight at the constant recommendations of Kevin Collins and many others in preparation for Event #25 - the SC Half Ironman on Sunday. Many reasons to get one - to obviously relax you, work the acid out of your muscles and in this case - all of that as well as try and get my mind off the race.


So I spent some time talking to this one person there before and ran into them after the massage. I had told them about the 40 in 40 during our conversation. Turns out they are kind of between jobs, working but not in what they ultimately want to do, but they were genuinely interested in the 40 in 40 and TnT.

Went got my massage - and am now mush at this point.

As I was leaving, they came up to me and gave me $50 and said - "to help you reach your goal"

and that was it. No chance to say , "No I couldn't", but I managed a stammering, somewhat choked up "Thank you so much"

A complete stranger - some brief conversation - and quite possibly one of the most generous donations I have received. Not discounting the others, mind you - but it was truly touching and greatly appreciated. The human spirit, the ability and willingness to support someone else in their quest with no chance of recognition...amazing.

Off to recheck my tri bag and try and hit the rack. Have to catch Kevin Collins tomorrow AM at the Race for the Cure - sporting his skirt again and a fresh mohawk!


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