Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tahoe - Here We Come!

Here it is, Tahoe minus 3 days...and I am admittedly a bit nervous. Excited as well as everyone I have spoken to that has done the ride said it is spectacular, and this will be my first ever Century Ride. I know I have stuck to my training regimen, well, most of it, and have done the necessary rides. It is the unknown, the "other 20-25 miles" seeing as I've ridden about 75 in one "sitting" will I have the right fuel, will I be smart enough not to try and go out too hard, with all the excitement, will I get my brakes installed properly? Who will show up on "ride day"? There is the one variable that really sits out there for every event, regardless of distance or discipline. Each day when one gets to the starting line, there is always the unknown about who will show up - despite all the training, fueling, preparations. I'm betting on the Sean who is ready yet nervous about the event. Let's hope he shows up. If the other one shows, the completely unprepared, yet inappropriately calm will be a long and painful day. I'll be grumpy afterwards. :-)

I know I will be with a great group of folks - thousands of TnT folks riding 100 miles around Lake Tahoe, beginning from 6 AM they send us out in waves by team - the Western NC team gets to kick things off at 6:40 - whew, an extra 40 minutes! They're sending over 60 TnT teams out over the course of those 40 minutes. It will be quite the sea of purple and green and quite a sight to see! The unfortunate aspect of that is that there are so many of us riding, to benefit and honor all those who are battling blood cancers, or who have battled and lost.

From Western NC, I'll have the privilege of riding with Cheryl Ryan (our mentor), Cat Reid, Mark Born (coach) and Toby (from the Asheville area - I believe) and supported by Mike Feretti, our coach who took a nasty fall after getting sideswiped during the ride portion of a Half IronMan and destroyed his collarbone, Sandra Clancy, coordinator and planner extraordinaire, and of course - my wonderful wife who is joining me out there...the best support team member I could ask for.

Will provide an update as soon as I can. Go TEAM!

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Mardie said...

It was lovely meeting you and your wife at the fund raiser last night, Sean. Best of luck at Tahoe!