Saturday, June 20, 2009

Race #11. Ada Jenkins FIRE 5K Saturday June 20

Another 11th hour decision, but another good one. The Ada Jenkins FIRE 5K was in it inaugural year, and I made it race #11 - good to get the running in by 8:30 AM as it is supposed to reach the mid to upper 90's today.

This race was raising funds to benefit the Ada Jenkins Center in Davidson, NC, The "goody bag" was a home emergency kit, with a flashlight, am fm radio, packaged drinking water in a canvas backpack all in bright orange. Seemed odd, but after further inspection it's a really cool idea. There were about 50 - 60 runners registered, and lunch was a BBQ - we passed. I have a sneaking suspicion this will become a much bigger 5K in future years, once the word gets out. I'll go back....and stay for some Que!

Good course, a little twisty and turny, but tree lined streets through a couple of neighborhoods in and around the Davidson, NC area. Well supported, extremely well organized and run. All the volunteers were great.

Ran into Kevin Shea, fellow LLS Board member, and met his children...unfortunately, I am blanking on their names right now...senior moment I suppose. His kids did the fun run - and said they had fun - so that seems like a success.

Race recap - took off a bit too fast - with a sub-seven minute first mile, pulled it back to avoid overdoing it or injury with a Sprint Tri next weekend and 29 more races to go, and pulled back too far...wound up having a good race albeit unbalanced in terms of pace. Got to complete another event, support another worthwhile cause, and get cheered on by Sheila and Maggie - our dog - who loves to go to races - but hates watching everyone run by.

Got home, went to breakfast at Shuffletown - mmm mmm mmm - western omelet, wheat toast, biscuit and hash browns...then mowed the lawn for my cool down - so to speak.

Next up - Kure Beach Double Sprint, and $10,000 is RIGHT around the corner in terms of fundraising...we're so close to being 1/4 of the way there.

Thanks for reading, thanks for the support.

21:20 11 down 29 to go

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