Saturday, June 20, 2009

it's not about the time.

That may sound like something someone who didn't or isn't having the best races and finishing times might say..and in some cases that is true here. I truly appreciate the kind words about the times I post, and will continue to post them. It spurs some interesting dialogue with friends, family, fellow racers and co-workers to be certain.

But the times I am posting after each event aren't about me, they're about keeping track of what I am doing, and at the end of it all, my few hours out on the roads, or in the water over the course of these 40 events will mean that many more hours that I've been working to raise awareness and funds to defeat blood cancers. With the success so far in fundraising and a big push over the next few months to increase fundraising, awareness and knock off a few more races - I hope that I can continue to share with all of you some of the truly important reasons I am doing this - and where all the dollars raised are going to go. what they will accomplish.

I can't do this without your continued support. So let me know of some races and maybe we can do them together. Let your friends know about what I am doing - if you haven't already. The more we engage in this endeavor the better. I will be working on some more corporate sponsorships to add to the support TrySports is giving me, as well as my potential involvement in the Karhu ( Explorer program...

Once I determine if that (Karhu) will work in the best interests of the LLS, their mission and my overall goal, I will provide more detail here. It's been a great day so out to the boat!


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Lob said...

Posting your times are a great gauge for us non-runner types. I would love to be able to say that I can run a sub-seven minute mile, but have you seen my physique lately? Keep pressing, Sean! Your efforts are not going unnoticed. You have a large goal to reach, and each post you write with the details gains you more and more support.

You are making a difference. Keep up the efforts. You will get there.