Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Race #10, Tri Latta weekend, Part 4: Run to Finish!

I head towards the woods along the trail...I see Coach Steve AKA Scuba Steve, Kevin and Cheryl as I leave transition, then Sandra, Sheila, Stacey as I make the turn into the woods. Nice trail run - although a bit harder course than a couple years ago. There is this one kid, a young boy of probably 9 or 10...maybe older but its hard to tell because he is running so fast and getting FURTHER and FURTHER away from me...holy cow. How does he run that fast? His legs are half the length of mine. He looks like Speedy Gonzales...eepah, eepah, andale, andale...

Anywho - back to the run - we make our way out and back, and I come back to where I saw Sheila and company...climb the last little hill and turn towards the finish.

Make the last turn and pick it up a bit. I know my run was slower than I would have liked, but in reality - the competition is to raise awareness of blood cancers, the ongoing research and much needed support, not my overall time in an event, or segment of an event....but I am competitive by nature. So - note to self.

At the end of the day - all 35 TnT'ers finished all with smiles on their faces. We accomplished something pretty great that day - and will continue to work towards even greater things. Setup Events as always - did an awesome job with this race. The TnT coaches did an amazing job training us all for the event. The TnT Team - did and continues to do amazing things, raising awareness, funds and support for the battle the LLS takes on each day.

Thank you all for your support thus far. Keep the comments coming. I look forward to hearing from you.


10 down 30 to go, with over $7,000 raised and recorded thus far

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