Wednesday, June 24, 2009

must be something in the water

Don't really know what it is this week - but it has been a great week for training. Maybe it's the fact that we've crossed $8,500 in fundraising, maybe it's folks coming up to me and asking about or talking about the 40 in 40, maybe its the ongoing communications with fellow Tahoe and TnT teammates...but it has been a great week - and it's only (approximately) 1/2 over...

12 miles of running
4,000 yards in the pool
20 miles on the bike

That's only since Monday...woo hoo - Kure Beach Tri here I come.

Now - one thing about Kure Beach's an Ocean swim, something I've done but not in an organized fashion and my longest stints in the ocean were usually as a kid in the water off the coast of Maine on Family vacations...which, even in August would just about give you hypothermia... Trepidation does rise up every now and again as this will be a different format for a Tri for me. Instead of the usual single transition spot, there will be two separate ones, swim to where we transition to run, run to where we transition to bike. These are usually in one place but they will be two different locations. Hopefully I put my running shoes at the run transition and not my bike shoes - those would not be fun to run in, hell they're hard enough to walk in.

TrySports has tuned up the tricycle - so I am looking forward to it shifting a bit better.

Off to start prepping my Tri I don't freak out on the 4 hour ride to the beach on Saturday.

Thanks everyone for your support and kind words.

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