Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Race #10, Tri Latta weekend, Part 3: Bike to T2

violated this rule and fidgeted with my watch...for probably 30 - 40 seconds. Waste of time - but I came to my senses eventually and hit the road.

Clean mount (you have to get on the bike at or just past the "mount" line) and away we go. Knowing the bike course is always very helpful - so one can make sure they are in the right gears and pushing it appropriately for hills, flats, downhills, sharp turns etc. It helped knowing the course Sunday - I had a great ride and was really enjoying it - then as I shifted around mile 12...dropped my chain (I KNOW Cat - can you believe it?). The chain popped off the small ring, and while I can usually pick it back up in mid pedal stroke...it was too far off. So - I dismount and put it back on...grumble, grumble, grumble...and get going again. 5 more miles

Make the final turn into Latta and head for the transition and a 5K run.

As I near the dismount line, I recall the race 2 years ago...I had fun then - and am having just as much fun this year. Knowing that I will have completed 10 races out of the 40. Knowing I am making a difference - and hearing the coaches, friends, Sheila cheering...gave me goosebumps.

Dismount, I do not fall over, or trip over myself, or crash into anyone...which is good. Jog into transition, presto change-o into my running shoes, put on my running number (it's the same as the rest of the numbers, just more visible for ID when you cross the finish line, and if you don't have it - it is a two minute penalty...and one more thing to worry about in transition) ditch the bike helmet and gloves and I'm off.

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