Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Malady (potential) #1...but not major

I seem to have lost all the hair on my head...no wait - that's not it.

Weird knee pain - mostly when I cycle. Something similar happened last year at White Lake 70.3 on the bike around mile 45...just kind of a weird tweak. Now it has migrated to across my kneecap. my best guesstimate (and no, I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV, nor did I sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night) is twofold:

1. stretching
2. bike fit

I have Soas / IT band tightness related to the fact that I "am not that strong a stretcher" (translation - I skimp on it when I know I need to do more of it) and a long lived back injury. I also have not had my bike refitted since I bought it two years ago...and with more cycling, and better efficiency/training, the geometry of the bike needs to change with your body. The seat needs to be adjusted, the handle bars, etc.

So - I have a bike fitting scheduled for Thursday and have reached out to my favorite Sports Doc, Josh Kollman...and have added another day of rigorous stretching/foam roller work to my weekly regimen.

Will let you know - but it will NOT derail the 5 events this weekend....which will get me to 20 events out of the 40.

Off to stretch....and ice.

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Bilko said...

Maybe you are misaligned at your connection to the pedal? This is a common problem - so much so that Specialized BG shoes have a built-in correction! You can do the same with BikeFit.com Cleat Wedges or ITS Wedges without purchasing new shoes. I am sure your Bike Fit session will address forefoot tilt and the connection to the pedal to address your discomfort.