Saturday, August 15, 2009

Event #15, Kreuger Memorial Splash and Dash Saturday August 15

So when I looked up the start time last night - I asked myself, "self - what are you thinking?" as it had a 7:30 start time, which meant a 6 AM wake up...but still - that's pretty normal of late. So much for a little extra beauty rest.

Splash and Dash was a 400M swim followed by a 5K run. Great event at the Harris YMCA here in Charlotte. Well attended and very well run.

Ran into a former grad school friend, John Templeton and his wife Erica - Erica was doing the race - and told me not to pass her in the pool. I reassured her - starting a few spots ahead of me - that she would be well out of the pool by the time I did my first lap. She pretty much was.

Also ran into my friends from TrySports, Jenn Teipen and Cody. Got to show off my new Karhu running shoes. Saw a few folks from work too - out with their families - as there were a couple of varying distances for the kids to do as well. I saw Kristin Meehan and her husband Dennis - and Kurt Kitterman and his family.

The swim was a pool swim - 8 laps then out to transition to strap on the shoes. Had a good swim - right about in line with my estimated time that they used for seeding the swimmers. And as always - graceful and coordinated - as I was putting on my shoes, I managed to fall down. Right in a nice spot of mud. So - that will look nice on my bum as I head out to run.

Get out on the course and it starts out pretty flat - legs feel good - even after a 17 mile bike and 1.5 mile brick yesterday, so I try and pick it up. Shoes feel great...light and still have the new running shoe feel...thankfully not smell. I managed to forget my race belt, which usually holds the race number you wear during these types of events, so I am running and trying to fasten the bib to my shorts with safety pins. Did I mention I am graceful and coordinated? Yep - managed to stick myself only a half dozen or so times - with each pin.

Course was hilly and I got a bit turned around on the back half - and couldn't really gauge where I was in the course. Each hill made me think, we get to climb back up that, but with only a half mile to go - I finally recognized where we were in relation to the start/finish. So much for orientation.

Saw John Templeton and his kids again, he told me to finish strong, so I tried to pick it up again. Turn the corner - hit the straight away to the last turn into the finish area and cross the line. Not my best 5K time - but adequate...I finished

Good event, very well run by the folks at the Y and I believe the organization is called Try to Tri. Really good turnout - even with the kids events. I did a few laps afterwards on the track - and some of these kids were kicking my butt. Good thing they're not in my age group :-)

Good day - fun event. Go Team!!!

Swim 7:44
Run: 23:19

Up Next:
Miles at Mooresville 1 mile, 2 mile and 3 mile run - Friday night
5K trail run at the Whitewater Center - Saturday AM
Lake Norman Tri - Sunday AM

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