Friday, August 21, 2009

Events #16, #17 and #18 Miles of Mooresville Friday August 21

As Steinbeck said...."The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." Things didn't really go awry, maybe a little askew. More on that in a moment

Miles of Mooresville is a really fun event, actually 3 wrapped up into one night. This was the last of the series for this year. It is comprised of a one mile run, followed by a two mile run, followed by a three mile run. Followed by a couple free adult beverages, supported by great volunteers and live music at the finish line.

Each run is separated by a 10 - 20 minute break depending on when you finish. The plan was - as discussed with Sheila - go out and use the one miler to warm up, pick it up on the two miler and if I felt good and wanted to - push it for the three miler. But within reason - as I have a couple more events this weekend...

So - we gather at the start for the one miler. They ask us to stage ourselves based on our estimated minute per mile times....sub seven minutes, seven minutes, eight minutes, etc...So I line up with the eight minute folks. Remember - easy the first run..

Off we go down main street in Mooresville, turn past the fire station and I am like "why am I breathing so hard? I am with the eight minute folks...Now I know I haven't run much after work in the heat and humidity we had tonight - but COME ON... through the hose that is spraying us, past the water stop turn the corner and head towards "home"...still really panting up a I should only do two of these runs tonight.

As we turn into the finish area up the slight I know why I am breathing so hard...6:30, 6:31, 6:32...I cross in 6:45 OOPS. Slightly askew.... So much for nice and easy. Thankfully we have some time to rehydrate and cool down.

Two miler starts to Hip Hop Hooray, Ho, Hey, Ho...a little Naughty by Nature to send us off. Kinda funny...So I really do rein it in this time...and do the two miler and then the three miler... keeping them closer to the 8 minute per mile pace. Get to chat with some folks along the way and run into a guy from the gym - who's training for some crazy 24 hour run around a lake - like 24 hours of running in 1.5 - 2 mile circles...Chat with a retired marine who wants to get in under 25 minutes (on the three mile course) he's well on his way to doing just that. Talk to a group of folks who are doing Chicago in October, first marathon for all of them...this course is perfect training for it as it has comparable elevation and declines as Chicago...although running this 20 times might be a bit tedious.

Finish the three miler to Sheila at the finish waving one of my "40 in 40" t-shirts to bring me in.

These three races are dedicated to Michael Wren, our honor patient from the White Lake Half IM last year. His spirit and energy when we met him reminded me of the spirit and energy around this event. He's a great kid - full of life that really motivated us all to do our absolute best. Every stroke in the water, every crank of the pedal every step along the course.

Also ran decked out in my Karhu and Craft gear...loved it. Shoes felt great, hat was very breathable and light - shirt and shorts - although drenched at the end were perfect.

Total running time 45:52

Great event and very well run thanks to the Mooresville Runners Foundation, Queen City Timing and all the fans, supporters, volunteers. I will definitely look for it again next year.

Next up - Trail run and the Whitewater center tomorrow AM

Go TEAM!!!

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