Sunday, August 16, 2009

nice 37 mile ride with good folks

Got up at 6 AM - yes - on Sunday to go ride 37 with a good friend and TnT Coach Kevin Collins, who is training for the Florida IM - that's a full Ironman - to you and me. Like the one they have out in Hawaii (seeing as they rarely televise IM's I figured that may resonate with a few folks)

Kevin is also raising funds for LLS, all the while training to swim 2.4 miles (yikes!) bike 112 (longer then I've ever ridden) and run a full marathon (holy cow). Kevin's donation site is here:

Any support you can provide is greatly appreciated. As you are well aware - no dollar amount is too small and every dollar helps. Kevin has helped me train for all of my TnT events and has been a great ride organizer during the "off season". He's a great guy working for a great cause.

Good ride this morning, got to ride with Sheila and a handful of Kevins cronies...more were joining them later as they were doing the 37 mile route twice today...yes twice.

Got caught in a bit of a rain storm heading out - but thankfully it was when we were climbing the hills. So we took a bit of a break around mile 12 to wait out the storm. Hard to ride in the rain safely, as your glasses fog up and get covered in rain and you tend to lose your braking ability. That and my whining about the rain is REALLY distracting.

Took us a little over 2 hours, with stops and due to my slow -pokiness but it was a great way to start Sunday. Especially as it is a rainy dreary day - I think I need a nap.

Thanks everyone for your support. Please consider supporting Kevin as well.


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