Sunday, April 19, 2009

Southpark 10K April 18, 2009

Another beautiful day for a run. Great turnout yesterday - thousands of folks for the 10K and half - I expect I'll do the half next year as one of my last - given I now have 38 more to do that seems a long ways off - but not THAT far.

Anywho - great race - after a grueling week at work on average at home arival time was midnight, and being sleep deprived...I was psyched to get up and go run.

Adam Wilson joined me again for the race and he rocked the course - breaking his time from two years ago. Saw a bunch of folks from TnT - Stacey, Cheryl...a few other folks who were wearing our team colors...but didn't catch their names.

Up next - a two-fer next weekend a 5K trail run followed by a metric century (62 mile) bike ride. Sally's Y ride. If you're interested - here's the link

2 down 38 to go

Props go out to my friend Randy Keller who is running the Boston Marathon tomorrow - Go Randy - you're gonna rock it. He's training for a Full Iron in the fall...

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