Sunday, April 26, 2009

So - it SEEMED like a great idea

In the end it turned out all right - but today, April 26th, I decided to do two events in one day - something that I suspect may happen a few more times over the course of the year due to work constraints and race schedules.

Went and did the Sally's Ride for the Y and their inaugural 5K Trail Run. In racing inaugural usually means - still may have some glitches...nonetheless - I went up to do them both.

82+ today here in the Charlotte area - those beautiful Carolina blue skies folks talk about - nothing but blue skies and sun - and heat...a breeze every now and then too.

The folks at Sally's Y in Denver - or the future site for the Sally's Y - which is named in honor of Sally Clark, who was killed in a car accident at the age of 19, here in NC - were great. Because of logistics they let me onto the run course early, so I would be properly supported during the 62 mile bike ride. Good idea - especially in hindsight.

So what was meant to be a 5K (or 3.1 mile) run turned into a 4.25 mile run - remember the inaugural part...oh well - no harm no foul - I just got a longer run in than I intended..but it was HOT in the sun. Nice little run - through the woods, along some trails they have cut in the adjacent to run along an unfinished road for a bit - which really brought the heat home.

Then to the finish - and to get ready for the ride.

62 miles - in the Denver and surrounding area - it's hilly....they name some of the hills they're so steep.

We get rolling - me and the rest of the Team in Training folks who came out, Cheryl, Mike, Scott, Bill, Cat, Amy, Cara...and Cheryl had a horrible spill about 2.5 miles in. Road rash and a broken derailleur - which is the thingy that shifts your back gears on your bike - so she was really bummed - and had to call it a day.

As we get going again, I find myself kind of all alone - in between the rest of the riders - who are WAAAY out in front - and the TnT folks. So - that's the way my day went - pretty much rode all alone for 62 miles.

Right about mile 40 - two cruel things happened...1 - my quads started to cramp up a bit - and
2 - there was an ENORMOUS sign for Hershey's Ice Cream and lovely Ice Cream store...which given the heat and my fatigue - I would have preferred to swim in the ice cream, rather than eat it...but I had to pass....milk based products and me working out don't mix - especially on top of all the Gu, Acclerade, Gatorade, etc...

Net - net - it was a great day. The folks at Sally's Y and Blood Sweat and Gears (the supporting Bike shop) did a great job and ran a top notch event.

Thanks Jane for your support and letting me run the course early - thanks to all the folks who made sure I made it out of the woods successfully.....and to all the volunteers on the course. Couldn't have done it without any of you.

34:50 for 4.25 miles
4:02.10 for 62 miles

4 down - 36 to go.

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