Sunday, April 12, 2009

45 miles with some good friends

With the weather turing out to be absolutely perfect this morning, 50 degrees at 8 Am, sunny a little breezy, went out for a 45 mile ride. Had an absolutely amazing ride too. Went out and headed south from our house and went around the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens - it was pretty cool as I looped around through the parking lot how fresh and wonderful it smelled. With all the plants in bloom it was incredibly fragrant. Either that or I was hallucinating...possibly both. Got to do a quick little sprint as a loose dog - and a big dog at that - decided it would be fun to chase me at one point. Thankfully it was near the start of the ride - so if he could keep up or catch me at 25 mph - he deserved to bite me...he didn't

Thanks to the friends who joined me on the ride today, Steven Tyler, James Hetfield and the boys, Joe Satriani, Buster Poindexter, David Lee Roth, Brandon Flowers, Tina Turner and Cher (apparently my wife sent them along with me...need to resynch the iPod), Santana and Rob Thomas...there were others, but those were some of the fan favorites...

Did a 2 mile brick afterwards - which is running after you bike - called a brick because your legs feel like they are full of bricks with our dog Maggie. She was so excited to go running with me her head almost popped off when I asked her. She knows what "go for a run" means and loves it.

Awesome day - on to a couple swims, three runs a couple more bike rides this week and another race on Saturday. Racefest 10K here in Charlotte. Will let you know how it turns out.


Cat said...

Did you ride with headphones? I must have turned into an old fogey at some point because I haven't done that in years.

I eked out 15 miles on Saturday with a ride out to Carolina Bicycle Company and then 25 miles yesterday. I don't know if I'm ready for 45 miles solo, but I might give it a whirl, particularly if Sunday ends up getting rained out.

SCM40in40 said...

one word, iPod...without it I would have been reading road signs like I did as akid on long family road trips