Friday, April 23, 2010

so - what's up this weekend? Events 36,37 and 38

What are your plans for the weekend? I plan to run 2 5Ks (one each Saturday and Sunday) and do at least a 30+ mile bike ride (Sunday).. why? I am within striking distance of the 40 races I set out to do a year ago...and am within, well at least the same zip code of the fundraising goal ($40,000) to support the LLS. I am relying on my trusty Karhus and Craft gear....and a little rest -to get me through...I am also looking forward to the support from Kevin Collins, a TnT coach and fellow Bank of America Associate, and his friends to keep me (relatively) sane during the ride on Sunday....pray for nice weather.

Go TEAM.....

If all of my FB friends forwarded this to their friends and everyone donated at least $10....I bet we could make $40,000 EASY......think about it...I have 300+ FB friends....I suspect many of you are MUCH more "popular" than I am.

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