Saturday, April 17, 2010

Event #35, Elizabeth 8K, Saturday April 17

Great day for a run of any, sunny..I got about 10 hours of sleep - bonus.

Made it to the race site about 7:10, saw Elvis out front...same dude as last year - very funny. Caught up with Mike T from work and his wife Megan - got my gear and changed the not walk in my running shoes - EVER

Went for a warm up with Mike - this is pretty much the only time I could ever run with him - much faster than I am. By the time we got back they were lined up and we jumped into the crowd...we were both checking out the guys and gals up front - and were like - so, who do you think will win? I don't think either of our choices won...

As I missed mile marker 1 - about 14-15 minutes in I was thinking, we better be past mile one otherwise I'm taking my ball and going home...didn't really seem to have it and was a bit tired. But then I saw it - mile marker 2 - OK - not so bad - keep going.

Seeing as Mike is faster than me, my goal was to keep him "in sight" as much as I could - ideally I'd see him cross the finish line - but after mile 3 and with all the turns - and the fact he increased the gap from me - that didn't happen...

Yeah - all the turns....there are a ton of 90 degree turns in this race...not a lot of long straightaways - given the fact it goes through the residential neighborhood of "Elizabeth" that's not shocking but something they could contemplate improving upon.....

End of the day - good it was last year. Ironically enough, my time (haven't been able to find the results online yet and didn't wear the garmin) was pretty much the exact same time I posted last year...

is that good? Is that bad? given I had one heck of a week at work - I'll take it as a plus.

Number 35 down - five more to weekend I'm looking to do three. One on Saturday, and two on Sunday. Anyone want to join me? Let me know

Looking at the Skyline Run Saturday, and the 5K and 50K bike ride on Sunday at Sally's Ride for the Y

Today's race is dedicated to Ms. Sheila Hufnagel the aunt of a friend of mine. She is a survivor and on the road to recovery, her brief synopsis of her battle is as follows - and this was all last year:

Admitted to the hospital in June with blood clots in lungs where they diagnosed a large abdominal tumor (follicular lymphoma stage 4) and began chemo; had 6 rounds of chemo finishing in October; had 17 days of radiation in November; had the final scan and officially finished treatment in complete remission the middle of January; and have started on the quarterly checkup routine – first appt next week

We'll be thinking of you - and hoping for the best!

Thanks to all of you and your support, research and treatments have improved vastly....most importantly - the number of folks who do survive, who come back from the battle - continues to improve...

Go TEAM!!!


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Great job! Please keep it up. Where's your website for doantions???