Sunday, April 11, 2010

Let the games begin...

With 6 more races, I am now entering what I call "crazy season" at work (a quarterly phenomenon associated with what I do) where the days are long, but extremely worthwhile - and unfortunately the nights are right's a delicate balance between work, training and "life"....

I am preaching to the choir though - as so many of my friends, followers and my wife Sheila (who all follow the blog) - struggle to find the balance... do I get in miles, or a couple extra minutes or hours of sleep...and then hit the desk.

I am so energized about the last 6 (at least) races for the 40 in 40...and ironically enough have had so many folks at work, at the gym and at races ask about it recently ...that it adds to it all.

All I need to do is manage my own balance....and get to the goal. What do you think? is 3 hours of sleep enough to run 8-10 miles? Or swim a mile? Biking, I act like it is is on auto-pilot sometimes - which is why it is better to ride with folks..better for me and the cars on the road.

Nutrition helps balance things - eating better makes it do-able, but the Dunkin Doughnut I had at the office today doesn't quite fit into that....that's my own fault though. Who can resist a boston creme Dunkin? Come on now....

20+ miles this week (running) 20-30 on the bike and a mile (or more) in the water will help with the balance.

Who else here feels they are "better" when they maintain their workout schedule...even if it means an hour less of rack time? I sure do.

Number 35 in a few days...time to sleep...but not time to rest. The LLS has a daunting challenge in front of it...makes an hour less of sleep seem like a cake walk.

As a side note - but no less important...the fundraising event in Raleigh helped raise over $1,000...initial estimates were closer to $500 - but with donated food and follow on donations, we raised more than $1,000 for the LLS!!!!

Again, a huge thank you to Mike Tadych and Denise Mullen (no "blood" relation), Mary and Al Tadych - and of course Sheila....Glyn Jones from PF Changs in Raleigh and all the folks who turned out for the event...

We couldn't have done it without all of you.

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