Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some time off - time to get back on the road

It's been a hectic week at the time off has been welcome - to a degree - but with 15 events left - it is CLEARLY time to get back on a regimented training program. A couple of short runs and spins this week helped get the legs loosened up, but back at it in the AM with a run - a swim on Monday and time to toss the bike on the trainer at home. I found out about my "penalty" in the race - apparently I got dinged for drafting....ironic don't you think seeing as I was complaining about the guy drafting off of me?

Oh well.

I still get psyched about the fact that the race went so well and I had so much fun doing it (nothing like 6 hours of competition to rev one's self up I guess) despite my missteps with planning and prep.

Next up - looks like a 15K next weekend...great prep for a half marathon and even better excuse to get off my butt.

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