Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thank god I plan accordingly - too bad I screwed it up.

So - as mentioned previously I am a bit obsessive with my tri bag gear check. Several checks each time regardless of distance. This week I packed in advance so I could check it once per day and once right before I left today.

Cutting to the chase - about an hour and a half into my 2 hour drive I realize...oh CRAP! I forgot my gel flask - which attaches to my bike so I have solid fuel while riding to go with H2O and enhanced water with electrolytes, proteins, carbs, etc. Oh SHIT - I forgot one of those bottles too. Both of those were or ARE in the fridge...nice and cold for when I return. Oh and when I stop to get gas - I realize a bar plug (a little piece of necessary plastic that plugs the end of the handle bars so if you crash and get pitched forward you IDEALLY do not impale yourself on the open bar end...) has fallen out. Freakin PERFECT!!!

So after not having a gear "expo" at the race, despite my cautious optimism that they may (they did at White Lake last year - same distance, same race company sooooooo I thought, maybe...) I go into McGyver mode, or McGruber, or McMullen-Gyver-Gruber mode.

Look for sporting goods stores, closest with anything like I need is 1 hour + away...too far. I swing through a couple grocery stores - thinking a cake decorating gadget may work for the flask..nope

And then - there on the horizon - the bane of all mom and pop stores existence - Wally World (WalMart).

So - thank you TSA for the 3-1-1 rule...while it usually does not effect me, not a lot of shampoo or conditioner to carry...they have three ounce squeezable bottles - get two. Grab some velcro tape to attach it...grab some black electrical tape to cover my bar end, so it is at least "legal".

See - if the bar end is open, they may penalize me (time-wise) or not let me ride at's those rule - now (shhhhh) it appears closed or plugged - so I'm good.

All gear is set and packed - bottles are filled and chilling in the "MicroFridge" a lovely 70's era item with a "college size" fridge and an antique microwave attached to the top of it.

now I am going to do the Seinfeld-esque clock check, back up alarm check and a potential wakeup call....but given how things have gone thus far - I may rely on technology.

pray the lights don't go to get off my feet and watch whatever is on the tube. 5 AM wake up...and a few miles to get in. BRING IT.

Go Team! I am still FREAKING out.

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