Saturday, May 2, 2009

Great Harvest Bread COmpany 5K - Saturday May 2

After a challenging week at work - and an early wake up call to get to the race - it was a great run. Got to see Mike, Juan-Pablo and Santiago from work - all of us work on the same floor even...both before and after the run. Went to the race planning for a "finish" versus a time. Good thing too - hilly course even if only for a 5K....first mile a little too fast, second a lot too slow - third balanced it all out. Mike, Juan-Pablo and Santigo rocked the was fun - glad I did it. Met a guy Matt from Boston afterwards at Dunkin' Donuts...expecting his first baby in October...good luck Matt.

5K or so in Raleigh next week, sprint tri the week after, race in VT the wek after that and Tahoe Century two weeks later (June 8)


5 down 35 to go

60 miles at Crowders Mountain tomorrow...


Juan-Pablo said...

It was a good time. Hope to join you for some other races this year. Best of luck and stay healthy!

Mardie said...

I've heard a lot about you, Sean. I'm looking forward to meeting you at Iris's in June. Keep up the good work. You have friends in California!