Sunday, May 31, 2009

Race # 8 - done and fun Upgrade Lifestyle 5K, Birkdale/Huntersville, NC

As an 11th hour decision - this turned out to be a good one. The weather here has been less than ideal for racing or training outdoors - great for grass, flowers, trees, and ducks...lots of rain, but the weather promised to be spectacular and we (Sheila and I) decided to go and do it Friday night.

This race has softened my unease about inaugural races. As the first ever race the Upgrade Lifestyle has held here, this 5K was well organized, properly supported and accurately advertised. Rolling hills (on a 5K course that can sometimes mean challenging - or flat - or who knows what), easy start (downhill - but that meant an uphill finish) and a great crowd on hand. The run went through the Birkdale neighborhood, which surrounds a golf course just north of Charlotte. As an out and back course, meaning, you run to 1.55 miles and turn around and run back on the same course, it was easy to recognize where you'd have hills to climb and hills to RUN DOWN!!! More down on the way back - which was fun and appreciated.

Saw Sheila just after I turned around to head back - she was having a great race of her own. As we neared the finish - I passed one guy and began the short climb to the finish. Apparently my passing him was not in his plans - as he promptly kicked it up a notch and kicked it to the finish - ahead of me. All good - I had a good run, had fun - got to do the race with my wife - one of many I suspect as the year progresses.

Next post will be about me maintaining my bike, and why I am not nor should I be a bike mechanic.

8 down - 32 to go


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