Sunday, May 10, 2009

Race 6 - Capital City Classic - 10K, Raleigh, NC May 9

Sheila and I went to Raleigh to visit the outlaws, nieces and nephew from her side of the family and to celebrate B-days (mine and Al's), 1st Communions (Caroline and Owen) and Mothers Day (Mary and Denise). Snuck in a race and Sheila joined me for it - we signed up officially - but it was a mid week decision due to work. Sheila did awesome.

Good course and had some fun with it - until mysteriously mile 4 - 5...went down a minute per mile...the wrong way. Not sure besides the heat what happened - besides I slowed down. I managed to make up the time though - even though it was not my fastest 10K so far. As mentioned previously with "inaugural" races, challenges do tend to arise in relatively "young" races. This was the 2nd annual Capital City Classic - and they ran out of water and had challenges at the water stops period. Hope that doesn't deter any newbie runners from future races, as it can be pretty demoralizing to run a race and have them have no water for anyone from Mile 2 to the end, especially as it was heating up as the race progressed.

There were quite a few elite runners there - which is always fascinating to see - to me at least. They're all decked out in their sponsored gear, warning up before and cooling down after - sizing each other up...They crushed the course - but that's why they're elite.

Good news is - I'm not an elite (nor do I play one on TV) so I get to just go and enjoy the course and pass whomever - or get passed by whomever and have fun - check out the scenery (the elites run too fast for that). One sponsor - Hardees - had quite possibly the most non-race friendly post race food...sausage biscuits. I had one of course - but in the usual suspects of post race food (oranges, bananas, bagels, water, gatorade, etc) sausage biscuits never really crossed my mind. It was good mind you...but still

Seeing as my father in law is shy, he told a local Raleigh Anchor Barbara Gibbs from News channel 11 (ABC) in Raleigh about the 40 in 40 - and I had an opportunity to speak to her before the race. She seemed genuinely interested in the challenge and what I am doing - so I hope to spread the word through her a bit more - will let you know.

All in all a good weekend...happy to be home


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