Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bad Blogger, recap and more

I admit - I am bad about updating on this blog. Sorry. I am new-ish to this but know that in order to make this and the 40 in 40 successful, I need to be better about providing updates, anecdotes, things to keep you all interested. I will get better about it for those of you who like to keep tabs on me. So hopefully I won't get some bad blogger award as I suspect in today's day and age - one exists! Work through February was NUTS! I spent a week in NJ fininshing up the annual report proofing - and got to do laps in a 15 yard pool (fifty equal a half mile lots of turns, I felt like I was doing NASCAR training, as I kept turning left!)

So - here is a recap and going forward, I will differentiate this from the facebook group blogs/updates.

Let's see:Two weeks ago, I went from the base building phase of training to the ramp up phase of training. My weeks now look like 3 - 4 runs per week, 2 - 3 swims per week, 2 - 3 rides per week and 3 core/stretching days. Now if there were only 13 days per week - I could figure it all out.

Nutrition has been interesting. Going from protein heavy to balanced proteins and carbs - and lots and lots of water (I may cause another drought here with the H2O I consume) I get to the point where I feel like I'm gonna pop one day, and then the next, once I wake up the eating machine in me, I wouldn't recommend putting your hand near my plate!I also was humbled and energized by the article in the April edition of Endurance magazine - last page. Check it out. I will post a link to it once it is online.

And so - as a preliminary race, I am doing the Elizabeth 8K here in Charlotte Saturday. Will post results this weekend.Hope you enjoyed the recap. I will get more consistent info up here going forward.

Best regards - and thanks for your support!Sean

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