Sunday, February 22, 2009

Training fun

Ok - so the 8 miles yesterday was one thing. It was a beautiful day and I slept in a bit - got to run with my dog for a couple miles (which provided some nice walking opportunities - seeing as she had to check out the neighborhood "pee-mail") got to run a bit with Todd Spanish at the end and return a couple of wandering doggies to their owners.

But today - holy windstorm batman! We did 30 miles out to Waxhaw and back. The first 15 or so out were ok - windy but not bad. Coming back....I had to pedal DOWNHILL to maintain 15 MPH. DOWNHILL! Great seeing everyone, Mike F (Coach) Cat, Cheryl, Mark, Scott, Bill, Caroline, Mike (Cheryl's husband - who ran 20 yesterday) - and our honor patient hero Doug. He kicked some butt today. Go Team!

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Cat said...

I know, right? What kind of evil gravity is behind the requirement to pedal to go DOWNHILL? Wow that was some ride.