Saturday, March 28, 2009

Elizabeth 8K March 28, 2009

What threatened to be a rainy day, was a cool, overcast but perfect day for a lovely jaunt through Elizabeth - an area just outside of Charlotte's uptown. Got to run with a couple of friends, Adam from work and Margie, a fellow TnT Alum....oh and Elvis was there too. He didn't run - but he sent us off with a few favorites, or snippets of them anyways.

Interesting course, with lots of turns, which I usually despise, but it was fun. Good group of folks came out...towards the end though there was 1 runner left out there, and they started breaking down the finish line. I hate when they do that, especially when there is still someone out there. Can you imagine, running (well over an hour by now) and coming in to...nothing. No one. God bless her for her dedication though, she did finish - and hopefully will come back another day to do another race - and finish with the support she deserves. This was meant to be a cushion race for me, depending on how the calendar shapes up - but for now, I'll keep it in reserve for the total 40 race count. Happy I did it and depending on how next year is shaping up in terms of races, etc, I will probably do it again...just faster.


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