Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today - my birthday - my 40th birthday started out like any other day...a little sleepy - a quick workout before work - and then - it got amazingly better. I had a surprise visit from my mother this past weekend - who flew down from VT to see me and take me out to dinner...who could ask for anything better?

The flood of emails and calls today wishing me a Happy Birthday from friends, family, people I've connected with as part of the 40 in 40 - people I have had the privilege to honor as part of the 40 in 40 and do the races for - kept me in a positive mood.

A planned lunch with my wife - gave me something to look forward to later today

Then - I get an email from a co-worker.

Whatever the difference in my fundraising and the $40,000 goal - they are going to close the gap - ENTIRELY

This person - who has yet to share their story with me - is going to make up whatever dollar amount we are short of our goal. Currently around $7, can still help close the gap between now and then.

words cannot express the gratitude - and utter awe I am in.

Thank you. Go Team! One more race - but we've already reached one goal

Will you help us go even further?

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