Saturday, May 8, 2010

#40 - coming a few short hours

We're off to the Whitewater Center ( for the final event in the 40 in 40, a 4 hour adventure race with

Pete Lohri: the Navigator - friend from UMass and former Rugby teammate - and now neighbor,

Mike Nicosia: the Director - friend, ringleader, organizer...the guy who thought 4 hours in the woods with three friends on a Saturday afternoon in May is a great idea) and

Josh Cowley: the gazelle- soon to be friend, current acquaintance....if we don't reach friend status by the end of the day - well, something will have happened during the race

and me - I'll be the mule...

We have no idea of the order of the events or the distances. The race starts at 1PM. We PROBABLY should have gone to the mini clinic a few weeks ago - oh well but this is what we know we have on tap:

Trail run
Mountain bike ride
Whitewater rafting
Flatwater kayaking
Rock climbing

"other challenges"

The whitewater center is a spectacular spot - did two of the 40 out there in fact - #19 and #31, but never done anything to this extent out there.

I'm going to have fun today - keep us moving forward and on track - and just enjoy the 40th event in a year.

Sheila's mom and dad are in town, for her graduation. She graduated last night - with a 4.0 from Queens University. They're planning on coming out to try and see us finish -

Hope to see you there. It's been a hell of a week - sheila graduates with a 4.0, we are guaranteed to reach the $40,000, I am getting ready for my 40th event - and I just turned

Thanks everyone - go TEAM!!!

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Racn4acure said...

Very cool! Congratulations all around! sounds like a really fun event.