Friday, March 19, 2010

The Drought

The span between # 31, January 23, 2010 and #32, March 20, 2010 - was a drought...a drought of races, training, discipline....but not of work or fundraising. We're at $25K - $15K to go to reach the goal....and less than two months to go - to complete 9 races. Admittedly, due to schedules,race availability and timing, the last 9 will not be as grandiose as I expected.

A Half Marathon scheduled for February was canceled due to weather ("lots of snow" in Myrtle Beach in February) and a fun event (Krispy Kreme Challenge) was canceled due to my inability to travel from CLT to Raleigh (also due to weather) - so I am under the gun....

Regardless, bring it on...three events scheduled for the next two least three in April - and a jam to get the final three in the first couple of weeks of May (I granted myself some time due to the weather situation here in February) - we'll get to 40 races.....can you help me get to $40K?

Follow up corporate sponsorship/donation requests are going out next week...please get the word out to your friends, family, companies...let's make this a reality.

The battles that LLS patients, their families, their friends struggle with and the need for your support make this so attainable..and so very worthwhile.

Get me to $30K - my head will be painted purple and green (Go TEAM!!!) TnT colors for my races.

Get me to $35K - purple and green noggin - and the last 10 donors to get me there gets their names scrawled on my arms, legs, head

Get me to $40K + - I wear a purple and green "greenman" suit for all remaining races. (pending approval from race directors and pending any safety concerns....) I will post a video of the suit and me - regardless - everywhere I can.

Come on, let's do this. I am asking for your support....find 10 friends, ask them to support this cause with $10 each. It has been a grassroots initiative to begin with - let's keep it going and get to $40K.

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