Friday, February 19, 2010

comment regarding Charity runners and Marathons

"Charity runners" are not lesser marathon citizens in the world of marathon. Sure we may not be pushing sub 3 hours, but we are doing "our first marathon", "our first half marathon" or our umpteenth marathon or half for a cause that is bigger than ourselves.

One of the things I loved (note the past tense) about road racing WAS the camaraderie and love of the sport. One of the things I dislike is those that diminish those that do not run sub 8's, 7's etc because it's not fast "enough"...

Imagine yourself - accomplishing more than you ever anticipated - to hear "charity runners diminish the sport." Liken that trained really hard, but did you qualify for Boston, the Olympics....F No - they looked adversity in the face and did a hell of a lot more in their training, fundraising and networking than most do in a lifetime. Could one of the elites pull their butts off the couch after learning a loved one was diagnosed with a fatal disease or ailment - with no "hope" of recognition or monetary reward?

Folks who do this with a charity do it for the benefit of others and hope they do "some good"

Next time....kick me in the schnuts before you say anything derogatory about "charity runners" - it would be less painful however, even more out of line.

Every race can be a race should be a defeat.


Cat said...

It's hard to fathom that there are people out there so snotty and clueless about what drives those of us who train and compete for charities that they would say this. My first reaction, like yours, is a resounding F-You.

But I also try to remember that their derision comes from a place of ignorance and is really just a display of their callous, hollow heart. If they knew any better, if they were capable of feeling and understanding what drives "charity runners" they would be ashamed.

There will always be heartless critics out there blasting what you're trying to do to help, no matter how you do it. Gandhi had plenty of critics. So did Dr. King. So you know, you're in pretty good company.

*Hug* it out... :)

Leslie said...

I am participating in my first endurance event - country music marathon in Nashville! I am soooo excited! I knew I needed help to go from extreme couch potato to endurance athelete, so I turned to TNT and the great work they do! My father passed in 2004 from complications of Leukemia so LLS is very near and dear to my heart! Charity runners may not be as fast or as flashy as others, but we plod along, one step at a time, thinking about those affected by cancer and how our running and fundraising will help to fund a cure!

Keep up the good work - I can't wait to continue reading of your final races!

Anonymous said...

it is the 4 hour marathoners that have this issue not the elites... the elite runners are awesome and always have encouraged others... shame on them ....We do this with our heart and not our egos....

Our honored team mate Andres passed this weekend, he was a 4 year old baby.. we have to keep doing this to get to our goal of finding a cure ......
I wish you all the best.

LWH said...

I'm annoyed by those things, too. The folks I've met through Team in Training are some of the most giving, courageous individuals I've known. Race snobs don't get it, and they need to be educated and they need to lighten the F's not THEIR race. We pay the same fees (and then some, due to our fundraising) to be there, and we cover the same miles they do, at whatever pace.

Keep up the great work! I'm late finding you here, but I've added you to my reader and my prayer list.