Friday, July 10, 2009

A few days off and a brief respite from racing

Hard to believe Kure Beach was almost two weeks ago! I took some much needed time off to spend time with Sheila - we went to Yadkin Valley for the fourth - more to get away and relax than anything. Got in a 5 mile hike - which was much more strenuous than it initially appeared - up and over Stone Mountain. I think the most strenuous part was climbing the 200 +/- stairs on the back side of the hike up and over the waterfall.. I don't care what level of shape you're in - stairs just suck. Also got to visit a couple of really nice wineries (Raffaldini and Shelton Vineyards) and had a great meal at Shelton (Harvest Grill)

So - got back into training mode this week - with work, had to move training times up to 5AM - and races will be few and far between this month, but I am looking at a few. Possibly one tomorrow AM, if I think I can swing it and get into work "on time".

So we're at 12 races - but - am quickly approaching $11K in donations. With matching gifts and a couple checks I just received - we'll be OVER $11K! How awesome is that?

Thank you all for your support. Off to watch the Tour and see how "the big boys" ride their trikes...they're insane..they average close to 30 MPH over 120+ miles - with massive climbs. well, OK they're not going 30 up the Pyrenees or the Alps - but still...

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