Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bad month for racing, great month for fundraising

So as promised, July has been a difficult month in terms of races, however, through your generous support and with pending matching gifts we are over $12,000. $12,000! That is truly amazing. As noted, I have secured Karhu ( as a supporter and through the amazingly generous support of a fellow TnT'er who transferred nearly $1,800 dollars from her fundraising efforts for another TnT event she was unfortunately unable to complete, we have exceeded $12,000. Absolutely amazing and incredibly generous of all of you.

Thank you all. Also - I have recently downloaded Skype, for those of you on Skype (it's free and an easy way to chat, I will be available for chats. emails, etc on there from time to time....we're sean.n.sheila.mullen..I still don't know what you need to communicate in specific terms, but it should be fun.

Thank you all....Let's race!

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