Wednesday, December 24, 2008

winter training - in VT

As previously mentioned, holidays could be a challenge. Well here I am in Vermont loving the holidays and spending time with my family...but near zero temps have required all indoor training these past few days. A welcome relief in a way, treadmills, stationary bikes and weights to offset the accumulation of food and avoid the 3+ foot accumulation of snow! X-mas day will need an outdoor run which as a somewhat one time event running in snow kind of fun albeit twisted. Looking forward to what I will accomplish with friends, family, teammates and for LLS makes it more than worthwhile.

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SCM40in40 said...

The holidays were great! And running in snow and ice made my 7 mile run more like 8+ but all the miles were worth it! My list of races is shaping up nicely. My key (i.e) long races will be very TnT oriented for 2008 - with a lot of shorter races mixed in. My challenge is finding these shorter races so I can work them in and accomodate the training necessary for the longer races. If you know of a great 5K, 10K Sprint Tri or Metric Century (bike ride) please pass it along. We're also working on the "Grand Finale" race - probably a 5 or 10K, maybe a Sprint Tri as close to the end of this adventure as possible to round things out.

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