Friday, December 19, 2008

Race info

This was buried in a comment I posted - wanted to get it on the front page

So - being new to blogging, I realized that I cannot post a file to the blog. What I can do however, is list the types and categories of races I am planning and SOME of the races here Listing all may be a bit overwhelming - for me and for you (whoever is reading this - please post something if you do - so I know you're out there).


5K - 10
10K 10
Half Marathon - 2 (or 3)
Full Marathon 2


Metric Century - 3 (or 4)
Century - 2
Multi-day Ride - 1


Sprint - 5
Olympic - 4
Half Iron - 1

Other options include an Ultra marathon and a Full IronMan. These may fall out of the 12 month window due to logistics and training...but are on the radar.

Examples of races identified are as follows - please note this is not a complete list as not all local races have been published yet:

Elizabeth 5K
Ride for Sally's Y
Charlotte Duathlon
Racefest 10K / Half Marathon
Langley Pond Tri
Valle Crucis 25K
Clemson Sprint Tri
Key Bank Marathon (VT)
Tahoe Century Ride
Latta Sprint Tri (Sprint)
Bandits Challenge Tri (Olympic)
Lake Norman Tri (Sprint)
Nations Tri (Olympic - Washington DC)
SC Half Iron
Hit the Brixx 5K
Dowd Half Marathon
Turkey Trot
Disney Full and Half Marathons
Frosty 5K
Elam N8 Cancer 5K
Haymed Sprint Tri

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