Friday, July 9, 2010

40 in 40 by the numbers

So – here’s a recap of what we’ve done over the course of the past year and how we’ve done it:

$40,000 raised – absolutely awesome! Thank you all for your support.

1 VERY patient and supportive wife

300+ people supported me with donations

40 races
25 running events
9 triathlons
4 cycling events
1 Duathlon
1 Adventure race

3 longest races in terms of distance and/or time:

Event # 9 America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride in Tahoe, 100 miles, 6 hours
Event # 25 SC Half Iron Man, 70.3miles, 5 hours 53 minutes
Event #40 NC Adventure Race Series Race #2, 10.5 miles, 4 hours 6 minutes

Here is the link to the blog entry for the 40th race: Event #40

I turned 40 years old….feel like I’m 25 and act like I’m 12

57 hours, 54 minutes and 23 second of racing
621.9 miles raced
Approximately 3,000 miles worth of training
1,250 miles of running
1,750 miles of biking
105 miles of swimming
6 states raced in

Approximately 60 pounds of peanut M&M’s devoured….yes, I have a slight issue – but they’re so darn tasty…
92 packs of Gu and/or Powergel – consumed
Several cases of beer – drank

4 pairs of shoes – done
1 new bike helmet
$1,350 in race fees – paid….

Hundreds of new friends, followers and supporters.

3 sponsors - to whom I owe my deepest gratitude

Karhu and Craft Apparel: – Thanks Corey and Jordan
Try Sports (Charlotte): – Thanks Jenn, Teelo and company
Carolina Sports Clinic: – Thanks Dr. K

1 charity – supported.

When it comes down to it – the first and the last are the most important. The rest just helped us get here.

Thank you all again.



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Alefiyah said...

U R AN animal and a Super star - congratulations - gives me motivation for my NY Tri next weekend - Go team !