Sunday, November 29, 2009

Event #29, Trot it Off 5K, Okemo Mountain, VT Saturday November 28

Yes - a 5K...seemed like SUCH a great idea, in VT for the Thanksgiving holiday - and the only race I could find that was within one hour of "home base", aka my mothers house in Rutland, VT. After getting 9 in on Turkey Day with Sheila, this seemed like a no-brainer...yeah - right.

7 AM wake up, one week after getting back from China - and my clock is still not quite 100% reset, but it's close. Temperature at my mom's house is in the low 40's. My sister Andrea's boyfriend Dave is going to do the race as well, so they meet us at my mom's house around 8. Dave is also my sister's kids cross country coach...and a really fast runner - after getting into long distances (marathons especially) in the past 4 years. I do not plan to run WITH Dave....but rather run the same race. I want to "enjoy the scenery" aka - I will be running a bit slower than him.

As we make our way to the race site, I notice the wind picking up and the temperature dropping. Granted, we're getting into ski resort area, so we also get some hills. It did snow at Okemo overnight, so overall temps have dropped.

It's a crazy course, double backs and muddy road runs and hills....not anything too gradual - some pretty steep grades - but hey - why not?

We head out at 9:45 AM down and right, down some more, then onto the main road....major headwinds...pass a few folks and climb back up for loop two.

back into the headwinds along the main road and then back on the muddy roads....As we approach the finish area, we get another wonderful hill to climb...quads are tired, my left hamstring is really tight - but I pick it up. left turn, then a right - and I see my sister Andrea, and Dave (of course - he is clearly already done....frikkin frackin....) and pick it up a bit to get to the finish.

It's a great event, especially given it is an inaugural event for them and benefits a "fuel bank" to provide fuel assistance to families in need during the upcoming winter with the local fuel (oil, coal, etc) companies matching every dollar raised through the race registrations.

Net - net, good race. My sisters boyfriend kicked my butt...and he is contemplating doing the Bi-Lo Marathon with me in SC in - it will be game on (again) then.

This race is dedicated to Dorothy Emery, a fellow LLS Board member and great woman who has battled blood cancers for years and has survived. She is a strong spirit and wonderful woman who has realized the benefits of the work that the LLS and their researchers have done over the years. Someone whose power, positive spirit and resilience personifies the the power of the LLS.

End of day 25:02. Bring on NUMBER 30!!!! Kiawah Half Marathon in December.

Nearly $19K raised....let's hit $20K by December 31!

Go TEAM!!!

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